Didcovery 3 HDC fault

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Didcovery 3 HDC fault

Post by baldbryn » Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:08 pm

Hi, my Disco has developed an annoying fault. After I drive a few hundred yards I get a message saying "HDC Fault system not available" followed by "Special programs not available" and then "suspension lowered". All this started when I changed three of my glowplugs, the fourth one broke and is still stuck in the head. I spent time looking on line and a few remedies popped up, low battery and failed brake light switch seemed to be the most relevant. The battery is fine, and I changed the brake light switch ini case, but it seems to work fine. I've also changed the suspension compressor in case that was related, it had been very slow pumpimg up the suspension, and now raises the car at a better speed.
I made up a dummy glowplug in case the missing connection to the wiring loom was causing problems but to no avail. I have cleared all the faults individually and globally twice, and even reset the ECUs twice with no change except to lengthen the distance I had to drive to about half a mile from the previous 350 yards or so.

I'm now at a complete loss as to what could be the cause. I could live without the Hill Descent Control, and the special programs, but the lowered suspension is not good.

My apologies if this topoic has been up before (I'd be surprised if it hasn't) but faced with 1153 pages to go through I thought it may be a better option.

Thanks in anticipation.


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