Integrated transfer case controller

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Integrated transfer case controller

Post by DeWet » Thu Jul 15, 2021 8:23 am

I bought a "in need of repairs" D3 to find someone got water behindbthe battery.

It popped the fuse but only after melting the wires.

The wiring going to the Integrated transfer case controller on the one side has a blue and a yellow connector.
Since mine melted Im trying to repair with pigtails but am lost since both connectors contains a blue, green and 2 yellow wires(y+blk, y+brn).
Coming out after the flexible rubber seal is 1 pair yellow wires and 1 green. The 2 blues split off one to the side of the car probably back to fuse box and the other to the centre of the car.

Can anyone shed any light on which of these merges together and which conectors blue wire goes to which side?

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