Refurbing wheels - Rattle can paint to use?

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Refurbing wheels - Rattle can paint to use?

Post by allegedly » Wed Nov 01, 2023 11:21 pm

Hi all,

Simple question: I am doing a basic refurb of my wheels and having already done this once on my old D2, does anyone have a rattle can spray paint recommend?
The D2's wheels looked 'ok'...but not what I'd call shop bought/original. I'd used the colour recommended by my local parts shop and labelled something like ' wheel silver'. Not great.
My cars an D3 08 plate Stornoway Grey and previous owners let the brake pads run down to the rivets and tiny hot shrapnel has pitted the paint.
Any guidance on this welcome.
Allowing myself to enjoy cosmetic distraction here as I'm also in the middle of changing out all four corners of the control arms/wishbones, suspension valve blocks. drop links and brake lines etc, all outside in the NW Highlands weather so expect some 'bleating' posts on here!


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