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Sad News

Post by Stu » Wed Jun 01, 2022 10:11 am

It is with huge sadness that I have to share the news that Nick Jennings aka Mr Non Stick Nick has passed away.

Those of you that knew Nick will know that he was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and had a heart of gold. His knowledge of off roading and recovery was probably unsurpassed and he was a huge supporter of the club from its inception. I’m immensely forutnate to be able to call him my mate and whilst I’m mortified I’m also so grateful to have him as a friend. My heart goes out to Maureen.

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Re: Sad News

Post by DSL » Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:21 pm

Saw that on t’other channel, really sad news. Thoughts with his family.

If only I could think of something useful to type here!! :(

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Re: Sad News

Post by xtc » Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:11 pm

He was a true Gentleman and a friend. The SAM will never be the same without him, as will our vanning weekends. I'm glad I had a beer with him (he was on the OJ) only a couple of weeks ago. He looked frail, but was on top form as always. I will miss him dearly, and hope I still get the chance to be cheeky to Maureen once in a while.. Cheers Nick...

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