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The full constitution can be downloaded from the link below, but the overall aim of the club is as follows:

The Club exists to:

  • Hold at least 6 large off road events per calendar year, of which most, if not all, will be family friendly and will also catering for all skill ranges in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Organise regular Green Lane drives in compliance with the fundamentals of the Green Lane Association, (GLASS) code of conduct, the Land Rover Tread Lightly initiative and the Countryside Code.
  • Work with established organisations such as GLASS, Motor Sports Association (MSA), British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA) and others to ensure the Club activities are as environmentally friendly and safe as possible.
  • Arrange continental trips for members and their families. A chance to broaden their experience of other countries on and off road via our continental network of clubs / forums.
  • Attend various national and international Land Rover / 4x4 Off Road shows and events throughout the year to promote the club, its members and activities.
  • Organise family days (non car related) such as Pub meetings, Family Outings and Special Summer BBQ Events.
  • Foster close relationships and links with other Clubs and Associations involved with the Land Rover Marque.
  • Encourage Club Members and their families to become involved within the club whether in official positions or helpers at off road and static events.
  • Support a nominated national charity in its fundraising events.

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