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Website and Forum

Post by anglefire » Wed Mar 28, 2018 5:57 pm

Over the last couple of weeks we have made a few changes to the server.

Firstly we have moved servers - We have been hitchhiking on a server "owned" by one of our members - Namely MrClayton, and for a variety of reasons we have had to move off to another one, which is now "owned" by the club - I say owned as they are effectively rented.

I would personally like to thank Simon for his generosity over the years and his help behind the scenes - not that Simon has gone anywhere and still helps me/the Club out.

Secondly, we have tightened up security on the site and you may have noticed we are now a Secure site, partly because that is the way the internet is going anyway, but also to keep an even stronger hold on the data we hold.

Which brings me onto another hot topic and that is GDPR - basically updated/new data protection rules which are coming in from May - and we will be updating our policy on data protection and what we do with it in the coming weeks. The reality of GDPR is not going to really change what we do particularly, but users of the site will have more rights regarding their data.


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