GCC region specification? (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar etc.?)

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GCC region specification? (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar etc.?)

Post by A-RO 95 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:39 pm


As mentioned in a previous post, I am intending to import a Disco 4 5.0 V8 from UAE to Europe as this model is extremely rare here, however, before I actually go ahead with my plan I am trying to establish what emissions standards GCC specification vehicles actually fulfil. The legal requirement in the GCC region is EU2, but in order to import the vehicle to Europe, it must fulfil at least EU4. I have tried to get information from JLR in the UAE, UK and here in Germany but all they will confirm is that the vehicles fulfil the legal requirement for the GCC region, but they will not confirm whether or not the vehicles fulfil EU4 or possibly even EU5, as with the vehicles sold in Europe.

Does anybody know if a GCC spec 2013 Disco 4 5.0 V8 will actually fulfil EU4 or EU5?

While we are on the subject, what about a 2015 Disco 4 3.0 V6 SC, will a GCC spec vehicle fulfil EU5 or EU6?

I would really appreciate it if anybody could provide this information. My next alternative is to bring a vehicle in from the USA, but then the total landed cost would be quite a bit more expensive.

Thank-you very much for your feedback.

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